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Hola, Hello, and Welcome! I'm Jenni, the face behind the camera and a mom of a 1 year old daughter. I absolutely love traveling and spending Family quality time with the ones I love. I'm a HUGE Iced Caramel Macchiato lover. 


I started my full time photography business in February of 2020 and graduated with a major in Graphic Design in December of 2020. It all started with always being in love with taking photos even if it was a phone, disposable camera, digital camera, etc. I took a one day class in Central Campus while in High School super excited to learn all the basics! Coming to find out it was overlapping with my Economics class

(a class I needed to graduate). Unfortunately they took me out of the Photography class I wanted so badly and went home crying. Yes! I was crying and just gave up on it. Few years had passed and got a Canon Rebel T3 for my birthday


Get to Know my Journey

and it suddenly became just a hobby, nothing overly the top you know cause I was "Adulting" and being a Photographer was not a career. I worked full time jobs throughout the years and went through a deep depression with life. I had failing moments, I was lost and lost myself in darkness.


Until I was asked to capture my Cousin's Quinceañera in which I was on board with it, just for the fun you know? Then it continued where my aunt had asked me to make invitations, now you know this girl here did NOT know a thing about building an invitation. I made one! It was exciting and got into Graphic Design along with Photography. I graduated with a 3.5 gpa, I got elected to put my design on a banner for an organization, I got published on Magazines including DSM Magazine! I feel in love with myself and my career, I took the risk and I made it my full time career. Every moment that I photographed, I was capturing their moment and from there I kept looking forward with my journey. 

We are in this together and I can't wait to help you bring your vision to life!

IMG_2214 2.JPG

#STOPASIANHATE project got Published in the DSM Magazine! 

I model for Local clothing brands and Bridal wear!

I traveled out of the Country in 2020 to Costa Rica!


I named my daughters middle name Luna from my fav. childhood hero, Sailor Moon

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